October 12, 2005

"The Science of Weather:
Meteorological Myth vs. Fact"

An informal discussion with

 Jan Null

Adjunct Professor of Meteorology,
Department of Geosciences,
San Francisco State University
CCM, Golden Gate Weather Services

Wednesday October 12, 2005
6 to 7:30 p.m.

How does Hurricane Katrina fit into the context of the increased storms of the past several years? Is it an early consequence of global warming or just part of the normal cycles of the atmosphere?  Weather expert Professor Jan Null will address these questions from both the meteorologist's point of view and the perspective of his extensive work in disaster preparedness as the Director of Meteorological Services for the Western Disaster Center at Moffet Field.  Professor Null's experience combines both operational meteorological work as well as research in various aspects of meteorology.  He is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist whose practice includes testifying as an expert witness and preparing meteorological and climate data for litigation nationwide as well as localized weather forecasts and climatological outlooks in particular for the San Francisco Bay Area printed and broadcast media.  Professor Null's most recent publication in the journal Pediatrics demonstrates that even moderate ambient temperatures cause heat rise in enclosed vehicles potentially lethal to children.