March 13, 2007

"The Evolution of Infectious Diseases:
From Early Plagues to Today's Challenges"

An informal discussion with

 Dr. Jon C. Mirsalis

Managing Director, Division Operations,
and Director, Preclinical Development,
SRI Biosciences Division

Tuesday March 13, 2007
6 to 7:30 p.m.

In the 1960s, the medical community declared the war on infectious disease to be over, stating that we had won. Little did we know that we soon would be faced with HIV, Ebola, SARS, Hepatitis C, avian flu, and weaponized anthrax, to name just a few. Development of drugs to treat new infectious diseases has become a critical problem as the pharmaceutical industry has largely ignored many key infectious diseases, leaving the effort to find new therapies to the federal government and non-profit organizations. Dr. Mirsalis currently leads SRI International's anti-infective development efforts for the National Institutes of Health. He will discuss some of the challenges to developing drugs for infections such as malaria, viruses, sexually transmitted diseases, and bioterrorist pathogens. Dr. Mirsalis has a broad background in drug development, and has personally been involved in the development of more than 50 therapeutics that have entered clinical trials. He has also published extensively in the areas of genetic toxicology, mechanisms of carcinogenesis, development of therapeutics for cancer and infectious disease, and use of transgenics; he is the author of more than 125 publications, book chapters, and abstracts.