July 14, 2015

Got Planets? We See Them and We Can "Make" Them!

A conversation with

Dr. Olenka Hubickyj

Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 6:00 pm

In the known universe, there are 1,931 planets (http://exoplanet.eu/catalog/, 6/16/15) orbiting other stars, 484 multiple planet systems, and many more planet candidates awaiting confirmation. With improved detection technology and more searching missions, this total will continue to grow. Olenka Hubickyj, Ph.D., lecturer of physics and astronomy at San Jose State University, will provide an overview of the observations and theories of planet formation, and the constraints that the observations impose on the theories.

Dr. Hubickyj will focus on the Core Nucleated Accretion model, which is generally accepted as the working theory of planet formation in our solar system. However, planets around other stars pose challenges to the theory. The model and its proposed modifications have demonstrated how the scientific method rules! 

About the Speaker: Dr. Olenka Hubickyj has taught physics and astronomy at SJSU since 2008. She was named the university’s outstanding lecturer for 2014. For 25 years prior, she studied planet formation at NASA Ames Research Center. She continues her research and serves as director of Systems Teaching Institute at NASA Ames’ University Affiliated Research Center.