August 9, 2005

"The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"

Seth Shostak

Senior Astronomer

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute

Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak's research at SETI –such as Project Phoenix–aims at establishing communication with extraterrestrial intelligence; in the meantime, he is an award winning communicator to Earthlings.  In 2004 he received the Klumpke-Roberts Award established by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific to recognize outstanding contributions to increasing public understanding and appreciation of astronomy.  Shostak is known around the world for his outreach to the general public--through countless magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, books, video production, photography, lectures, frequent radio interviews, and numerous appearances on television.  Work at SETI is divided into two areas: Research and Development, and Projects. R&D efforts include the development of new signal processing algorithms, new search technology, and new SETI search strategies that are then incorporated into specific observing projects.  The Allen Telescope Array is such a project, currently under construction about 200 miles northeast of San Francisco.  It is the first professional radio telescope designed to speedily search for extraterrestrial signals. When completed, it will comprise 350 antennas, spread over roughly 150 acres.